English Diary 20190609

English Writing part Today, I did Play game "Splatoon 2" is very Funny game for me. The reason I am writing diary in English, because i want to use it in work. I did memorized one of english idiom through anime. "It's going to be ~" " a bi…


経歴:社会人10年キャリアがある 役職:管理人 可能性:ビジネス・マーケティング お勧め:学士号をとるべき 費用 :1年トップアップ :250万(授業料) :200万(滞在費) 目標 :400万円 :2020年9月入学 -2019年10月出願窓口 -2019年10月ー2月 :イギリ…

Think different



can you spell your name? How long have you been staying Japan? How long have you been teaching English in japan? How did you meet Akira? Where do you live? Which city do you live? Rapid train don't stop at this station How much time it tak…


原田知世可愛いよな… www.youtube.com